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auto lock

Verrou de porte de garage automatique
Modèle 841LM

This automatic deadbolt lock makes your garage door virtually impenetrable.

The Automatic Garage Door Lock is a powerful accessory that works automatically with select LiftMaster ® openers. The sound of the lock engaging lets you know you are protected with an added layer of security.  

What you get.

Complete confidence your garage door is secure.
Whether you are looking to safeguard your home from intruders or protect your family’s belongings from extreme conditions, the Automatic Garage Door Lock provides an extra level of protection. Smartphone monitoring with the MyQ® app also means you always know that your garage is secured, from anywhere.

Complete Security

The Automatic Garage Door Lock is compatible and available with the purchase of these select openers.



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A versatile opener with all the security and battery backup.

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Our quietest and most feature-rich garage door opener system.

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This opener secures and protects homes with heavy garage doors.

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